Florida FAQS.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions:(& their Answers):

  •   Why Should I buy in FLORIDA ?
  • Answer: Florida is one State which has always attracted the people from all over the globe with its So Many Major attractions  Like The Theme parks, Shopping, Top Rated Beaches With Warm Water, All year round Tropical Weather attracts people from all over the United States & abroad. Most of the Floridans have relocted from somewhere else. Since 2008 Recession Property prices In Florida( Like in  many other states) have hit the rock bottom (In Most Instances the Current pricing is as Low as one third of where they used to be back then). Investment Opportunities are a few in Canada as everything is reaching its peak here, not to mention the changes in our Lending Criteria which  is discouraging starter or smaller investors to do anything locally. Right now there are over 100000+ Canadian Investors & a lot of them have invested in Florida & these #'s are continually increasing. With Deltona Corporation low pricing on Land & their No Credit Check & Low Interest financing Options Virtually anyone can own a Piece of Land in one of the Prime Master Planned Community of Florida.
  • Where is North Port & Marion Oaks ?
  • Answer: Northport is the  largest city in Sarasota both on Population & Land Mass Base & is the #4 City in Terms of the growth. It is located at about 20 minutes from the City Of Sarasota & 15 minutes away from the Venice Beach. It is a Masterplanned City with a great Infrstructure already in place. Taxes are low & various incentives are attracting major Businesses to the area. Click Here for more info on Northport.
    Marion Oaks is a Masterplanned Community  on the Lush rolling Hills of Ocala. Click here to get more info .
  • Are these Lots  located in the City or In the Country ?
  • Answer:All the available lots are scattered around the Masterplanned City of Northport , some are surrounded by houses on all sides, Some of them are in less developed sites.But all of them are within the city limits of Northport. Marion Oaks Setup is very similar.
  • Do we have a choice of choosing our lots ?
  • Answer: Off course , you can pick & choose your lot. right now we are at the start of the project so there are about 700 available lots. So if you prefer to be near the highway, Near the school, surrounded by Neighbors in mature communities or on private streets where nothin is built yet. We can find the ideal lot for you. There are still close to 400 lots left in Marion Oaks.
  • What Kind Of Lots are Available  & Prices ?
  • Answer: There are many different types of  lots available in Northport. Standard lots are  80'x 125' & are Priced at $29400, Corner Lots are bigger @ Priced  @ $36400. There are also a limited amount of Waterfront Lots starting from $37400. There are many different size options available. Marion Oaks lots are Starting From $26400.
  • Is it easy to get financing in USA ?
  • Answer: Generally it is not very easy but Deltona Corporation provides financing on all of their lots Directly from as low as 10% down & No credit Check is required, So virtually everyone is approved. The Showcase homes in Marion Oaks can be financed Through T.D bank & we help you in getting the mortgage OAC.
  • What are the typical Payments ?
  • Answer: Almost everyone can buy a chunk of Land with the easy financing Options provided by Deltona Corp. right Now (Till July 2012) Deltona is offering a special rate for Northport @ 5.9%. So a Typical lot of $29900, Can be purchased with a Down Payment of $2990 & Monthly Payments of around $220.
  • Do we get to see , what we are buying ?
  • Answer: Offcourse! Florida's law's ask you to come & take a physical look at the land your are buying and Deltona corporation provides you a full buyers Disclosure package. But if you like t reserve a certain lot then we can hold it for you for a few days so you can come & physically see it.
  • I am Confused! How does this thing works ?
  • Answer:We  try to answer all of your questions and once you are ready to buy then one of our Florida specialist takes you to Florida for 2 days, You do pay for your airline ticket(We help you in getting them for discounted price), Once we arrive in Florida , Deltona Corporation's representative Pick us up from the Airport & give us a very detailed Tour of the Area, Its attractions, The Beaches, Shopping, Schools, Hospitals Etc. Show us the neighborhoods , the physical lots & The Model Home & Answer any & all of the questions in mind. Their Southern Hospitality is evident as they take care of our Hotel accomodation & all the Meals & Drinks.(Non Alcoholic).
  • How high is the Insurance & do you sell Condos or Beach front Properties ?
  • Answer: There is no Insurance requirement for the Lots, Both of these communities are away from the shore So once the homes are built, Or the Marion Oaks Show case homes have got low insurance. The Taxes are very Low( as low as $160 for the whole yr on the lots & $1750 on ShowCase Homes). We don't deal with condos with High condo fees.
  • Do You have any homes for Sale or just the lots ?
  • Answer: Currently, We Have got only 30 Showcase Homes Available in the Prime Masterplanned Community of Marion Oaks, Ocala. They are gorgeous Bungalows style homeon 80'x 125' wide Lots with double car Garage 2000Sq. Ft & above Starting from  as Low as $125400. Most of them are Leased & Managed By Management Company and have got positive cash flow. We do help you in financing them with T.D Bank OAC.
    There is currently no Home available for Sale In Prime Masterplanned Community of Northport. But we do have 2 builders right there & will help you if you want to build right away(Cost of building is almost down to a third from where it was 3 yrs ago).
  • Do I have to build a home right away or within a certain timeframe ?
  • Answer: You can build right away, wait for 2 months, 2 yrs, 10yrs from now or Never. Sell just the Land when the time is right . It is your choice as it is going to be your land ,once purchsed.

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