What is the 1% Commission Concept ?

 Normally the Real estate System is set up like this:

Total 5% Commission out of which the listing agent gets 2.5% & the Buying agent gets 2.5% . But if the listing agent gets the buyer directly then they make total 5% or offer a slight discount. A fair amount of agents have been offering different kinds of discounts & Packages for a few yrs like the Silver/Gold Or Platinum plans Etc but the problem is with the abbreviated services offered with the cheaper plans the Clients feel neglected & Isolated .

Mr 1 Percent's Formula Of Success:

{(Extensive Marketing + Market Knowledge) = Quicker Sale }= Top $$$$ in your Pocket.

With my Plan you get the best of both worlds. Full service, For least amount of Commission. At Mr 1 Percent every Listing is treated the same way & every Client gets the same full service as I only offer One package which is 1% full service Package : It includes Full  services provided by the Top Negotiator, Full Mls Exposure, Advertised on Multiple Real estate Boards including Toronto Board, Cambridge Board & Kitchener Board, Full Staging Advice, Professional Photography, Virtual Tours, You Tube Video, Social Media advertisement, Most Innovative Internet Marketing Package in the world (Here is the Link: http://www.point2.com/files/listingbrochure/Point2Agent-Listing_Presentation.pdf  ), Open House, Colorful Feature Sheets,  Print Media advertisment.
All of these services are offered for 1% commission, however all the listings are also featured on MLS & the 90000+ agents have got full access to the listing & are invited to show your home &  same amount of commission is offered to them like everyone else in the market  if they have buyer willing to pay the price you want to get. But If I find the buyer directly then  it is 1% Total Commission. so that way you get the best opportunity to invite everyone to the party & no other agent or company blacklists your property but you only deal with an offer which makes sense to you. So the maximum commission you will ever pay is 3.5% (3% is offered mostly these days) & the minimum will be 1%.

I have been doing the 1 Percent Concept since 2006 & all of my (700+) transactions are  done utilizing it , So it is a proven successful concept).